Conference Theme

"DecodingTECH.Zone (DTZ) Conference" 2023 THEME


Welcome to the not-for-profit (for impact) initiative DecodingTech.Zone by Testoper Community! The Zone is where we decode the full power of the latest technology for individuals and businesses to thrive.

Our massive transformative purpose (MTP) is “advancing tech innovation through partnerships to create opportunities for all”.

We collaboratively work together with our partners of all sizes from all geography within Canada and globally, including individuals and businesses, to focus on the following:

  • Advancing innovation in Sub-Urban and Rural (What we do)
  • Enabling Public, Private, and Academic Partnerships (How we do)
  • Creating Job and Business opportunities for all (Why we do)

We are an open community and people-led grassroots movement supported by senior executives from reputed companies in the hi-tech Industry. We understand that the tech future belongs to ecosystem play, not silo play. We put efforts into bringing together ecosystem players of all technologies, products, platforms and services to help make Generative AI, Metaverse, Web 3.0, and Industry X.0 end-to-end solutions and use cases a reality.

Join us in designing the future!

Why should individuals and businesses attend and Sponsor 'DecodingTECH.Zone (DTZ) Conference'?

DTZ Conference is a not-for-profit (for impact) initiative supported by senior executives from reputed hi-tech industry companies as an open community and people-led grassroots movement. Together, as an age-friendly and inclusive stakeholder and ecosystem, we can make the most significant and quickest difference by:

  • Experiencing, sharing, learning, and networking to grab opportunities and take control of long-term outcomes
  • Improving reputation in society as responsible and inclusive, not leaving anyone behind
  • Making a difference in society by contributing to the cause you believe in to earn goodwill and long-lasting support
  • Inspiring and being the catalyst of future technological innovation that transform multiple industries
  • Becoming part of something becoming big WHERE FUTURE HAPPENS.

Let us reimagine to find our place today so we are not displaced.