Alison González

CEO & Co-Founder of Lil Horse

CEO and Co-Founder. at Lil Horse powered by DrakeTech - Future Ready - Blockchain & Web 3 Passionate - Technology, Branding, Marketing and Innovation

I’m Alison, a businesswoman passionate about design, innovation, and creativity.

I’ve several years of experience leading teams to create outstanding digital, physical and phygital experiences. As a result, I understand and feel curious about how humanity is evolving and how the massive collectivity is driving us to a world of consciousness about others and our environment; therefore, I recognize how impactful our choices could be in the future of humanity.

I’m currently leading a team of passionate creators, out-of-the-box thinkers, and impact makers; what tier us together is the enthusiasm for the future and the acknowledgment of the impact we can start causing today. I embrace the power of committed teams to generate positive changes in the world, which begins with how we communicate and collaborate internally and ends in the treatment we give to the companies we work with. Our focus has been, since the beginning, to work with brands that share our values and contribute to humanity’s transformation for good.

I’m also an activist investor; I enjoy participating in companies from different industries and helping them make strategic decisions that keep them growing financially while embracing the positive values of building, creating, and innovating.

My goal is to embrace ethical working environments through active participation, and the board is where I find myself achieving it.

As individuals, we have the power to transform daily, and that transformation starts with us. I firmly believe that a positive mindset can take you anywhere, and embracing those beliefs will make our dreams achievable.

Everything is possible. As I say, the distance between a dream and a goal is a plan.

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