Jeh Daruvala

CEO of Yactraq Online

Yactraq delivers omnichannel business intelligence via Omnitraq, our audio mining platform. Omnitraq provides valuable insights on customer call operations, including CRM Interaction Analytics for sales, service & agent...

Before migrating to Canada in 2002, I helped roll-up Firstsource (NSE: FSL). While working on Delsys, my first startup, I sold the first-ever ethernet switch in India (Cisco). My north american career involved stints with Microsoft, TELUS & T-Mobile. As Founder & CEO of Core AI / Speech Analytics pioneer I focus on systems analysis & corporate development.

I’ve been passionately interested in spaceships and robots since childhood and am a believer in the evolutionary impact of scientific discovery & technology innovation as the key driver of corporate / economic growth & human welfare.

– Technology Commercialization
– Technology Business Strategy
– Product Marketing / Management
– Systems Analysis
– Corporate Development

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