Mandeep Dhesi


Mandeep Dhesi is Social Media Influencer, recently being selected as eXpert Influencer across 22 countries and amont 84000+ real esate agents world wide

Aspire Group eXp is a dedicated Real Estate Team of 30+ professional agetns powered by eXp Realty, with a team led by visionary Mandeep Dhesi. Mandeep Dhesi is Social Media eXperts with thousands of followers across Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube to name a few. Recently he is selected as the No.1 eXpert Influencer worldwide by eXp Realty, in more than 22 countries, and across 84,000+ real estate agents worldwide. You can check its posts on eXp Realty Instagram – >


Aspire Group eXp – Specializes in helping clients achieve Financial Freedom by investing in Real Estate Assets. As of now, Aspire Group is 30+ eXpert real estate agents – helping clients in residential sales, Investor Focused realtors, pre-construction, first-time buyers, or any type of investments, in and across Ontario and Alberta area.

Aspire Group eXp offers the best client experience when selling, buying, or leasing real estate in Ontario and Alberta. They provide the best exposure for all of our property listings. Fully laced with his professional real estate exposure, they utilize the most current and effective marketing tools, strategies, and technology.

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