Muqeeth Khan


A 17-year-old fitness enthusiast that is devoted to creating an accessible, enjoyable, and immersive relationship between fitness and the metaverse.

As the Founder and CEO of MetaGym, Muqeeth is a 17-year-old fitness enthusiast looking to build an accessible, enjoyable and immersive relationship between fitness and the metaverse.

Existing fitness applications in the metaverse use trainers’ voices and simple movements from the controller in a user’s hand to provide workouts. This method leaves out large parts of the fitness industry that require full-body activities such as yoga, calisthenics, and dance which causes the exercises not to be as effective as working out in reality, which is why MetaGym was born.

MetaGym is developing full-body tracking to help fitness enthusiasts exercise in the metaverse without restricting technology allowing for an accessible and immersive experience.

Before MetaGym, Muqeeth had experience as a Marketing Designer in TestOnNeed, the Founder of a self-led project named TeenFit, and a Strategic Director at W5RTC.

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