Phil Kluba


Phil Kluba is the founder & CEO of Press It, a Toronto-based media production company

Phil Kluba is the founder & CEO of Press It, a Toronto-based media production company that has spent the past eight years bridging the gap between tech, media and brands by specializing in innovative video, live-streaming, and content solutions.

Since Press It’s inception, Kluba has sought to be on the cutting edge of online content development, an endeavour he’s proven time and time again. As an active individual in Toronto’s vibrant music scene, for as long as he can remember he’s been writing songs, performing music, promoting concerts, and producing videos for various acts around Canada. By combining his experience in music and event production with his passion for the technology and entertainment industries, Kluba has positioned himself and his company at the intersection of where reality meets the virtual world.
His pivotal moment was back in 2016 when he took a risk on investing his company’s efforts in live-streamed virtual events. This approach opened up a world of opportunity for the entrepreneur, including producing virtual events in the offices of Facebook, Twitter, and Shopify. When the pandemic hit and remote-virtual events became a hot commodity, Press It was at the forefront, providing technical solutions for a variety of companies. Press It produced SickNotWeak’s “Isolation Nation,” a remote mental health talk show hosted by Michael Landsberg, and was highlighted to work on “National Canadian Film Day,” a program that featured the likes of Sandra Oh, Ethan Hawke, and Jay Baruchal.

From developing digital apparel for avatars, to creating digital immersive environments and augmented reality experiences, Kluba is revolutionizing the future of music videos and live entertainment, bridging the gap between the real and the meta. This new frontier is altering the way individuals engage with events—and Kluba’s latest endeavour into the metaverse promises to be an innovative one.

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