Robin Kaushik


Global business leader with ~25 years of experience in multiple geographies while solving variety of complex problems.

Robin has evolved from software developer to global business leader, by solving customer problems, leveraging his technical expertise, leadership skills, and people around him. He & his team have solved high impact problems in USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Canada. Over the years Robin has developed a preference for laissez-faire leadership style yet is flexible to pivot into a different style as needed.

In his role as VP of Ericsson’s Cloud Software & Services business, Robin is actively involved in bring the latest technology into Canadian ecosystem, and as Toronto Site Head participates in university collaboration initiatives and other activities to develop Toronto Site.

Robin believes education is the great leveler and thus loves to give back by working with schools & universities in advising on curriculum, speaking events & mentor Ericsson Innovation Award students. Previously Robin has worked in IBM and Tata Consultancy Services.

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